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9.3: Questions to Guide Your Reading

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  • 1. Describe the environments of Africa.

    2. Which environmental challenges and diseases have historically limited population growth in Africa?

    3. Discuss the methodological challenges of studying Ancient and Medieval African History.

    4. Identify commonly used terms that are potentially problematic for scholars of Africa. Explain why these terms are potentially problematic.

    5. What was distinctive about the agriculture of the Ethiopian Highlands?

    6. Explain the legend of Queen Makeda and King Solomon and why it remains significant for Ethiopians.

    7. How were the states in this region shaped by trade and inter-cultural relationships?

    8. Describe the spread of Christianity into Aksum.

    9. What characteristics were shared by the Western Sudanic States?

    10. How did the location of the Western Sudanic states have an impact on their history?

    11. Describe the relationship between the Western Sudanic States and the Islamic World.

    12. How did nineteenth century European scholars depict the Bantu Migration? What factors influenced their view?

    13. How have post-colonial scholars challenged nineteenth century depictions of the Bantu Migration?

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