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11.7: Chronology

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  • The following chronology is a list of important dates and events associated with this chapter.



    1790 Indian Intercourse Act passed
    1793 Eli Whitney invented the Cotton Gin
    1794 Samuel Slater opened the first textile mill the United States
    1801 Thomas Jefferson began his first term as president; Judiciary Act of 1801 passed
    1803 Louisiana Purchase
    1805 Thomas Jefferson began his second term as president
    1809 James Madison began his first term as president
    1812 War of 1812 began
    1813 Death of Tecumseh
    1814 Treaty of Ghent signed; Lowell opened his textile mill
    1815 Battle of New Orleans; Treaty of Ghent ratified; War of 1812 ended
    1816 Protective tariffs enacted
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