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10.7: Chronology

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    The following chronology is a list of important dates and events associated with this chapter.

    Date Event
    1788 Electoral College chose George Washington as the first president
    1789 French Revolution began; James Madison drafted the Bill of Rights; Congress approved ten amendments to the Constitution; Congress passed the Judiciary Act of 1789; John Fenno began publishing the Gazette of the United States to support the Washington administration’s policies
    1790 Alexander Hamilton sent the Public Report on Credit and the Report on the Bank to Congress; Hamilton and Madison agreed to the Compromise of 1790; Congress approved the Assumption Bill and the Residence Bill; Congressed passed an excise tax on distilled spirits (the whiskey tax)
    1791 Congress chartered the First National Bank of the United States; Philip Freneau began publishing the National Gazette to oppose the Washington administration’s policies; Hamilton sent the Report on Manufacturers to Congress
    1792 Washington issued a proclamation supporting the enforcement of the whiskey tax
    1793 Reign of Terror began in France; France declared war on Great Britain; Washington issued the Neutrality Proclamation; First Democratic-Republican clubs began to meet; Citizen Edmond Charles Genet arrived in the United States as the new ambassador from France
    1794 French government recalled Genet because of American complaints; Battle of Fallen Timbers occurred in the Ohio Valley; Whiskey Rebellion occurred in western Pennsylvania; Washington led the militia forces to put down the attack on the government
    1795 The United States concluded the Treaty of Greenville with various tribes in the Northwest; The United States concluded Jay’s Treaty (Treaty of Amity, Commerce and Navigation) with Great Britain
    1796 The United States concluded Pinckney’s Treaty (Treaty of San Lorenzo) with Spain; Washington decided not to seek a third term and issued his Farewell Address; John Adams defeated Thomas Jefferson in the presidential election
    1798 XYZ Affair prompted an undeclared war with France (the Quasi-War); Congress passed the Alien and Sedition Acts; Virginia and Kentucky Resolutions passed by the respective state legislatures to oppose the Alien and Sedition Acts
    1799 Fries’s Rebellion (a tax revolt) occurred in western Pennsylvania
    1800 The United States concluded the Treaty of Mortefontaine (Convention of 1800) with France to end the Quasi-War; Thomas Jefferson defeated John Adams in the presidential election

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