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4.9: Critical Thinking Exercises

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    • John White was put in a terrible position when his colonists asked him to leave them and return to England for aide. If you were John White, what would you do?
    • The Secotan attacked White’s colony because of what had happened with Lane’s earlier group. Was there any way for White to have prevented the troubles? Was the Secotan’s anger justified?
    • Ralph Lane’s legacy at Roanoke was a failed attempt at a colony and the lasting enmity of the Secotan towards the English. How do you think Lane should have handled the problems with the Secotan?
    • If you were Powhatan or a Pequot, how would you have reacted to the arrival of the English?
    • If you were an English citizen in 1606 and had the opportunity to be a part of founding Jamestown, would you have done it?
    • Why do you think the Narragansett and Mohegan tribes fought with the Puritans against fellow Indians, the Pequot?
    • Do you think that witchcraft was practiced in Salem Village in 1692?

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