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3.8: Italics and Quotation Marks

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    Generally speaking, you should punctuate the following items with either quotation marks or italics—depending on the level of specificity. As a rule of thumb, the bigger item or source name gets the italics; the smaller item or specific article gets the quotation marks. Think of it this way: the source contains the item. Note the “bigger/smaller” pattern in the columns below:


    Newspaper USA Today “Ohio Roads Worst in Nation”

    Magazine Rolling Stone “Pixies to Reunite for Fall Tour”

    Journal Journal of Athletic


    “Study: Most Football Helmets Unsafe”

    Book Fast Food Nation “Behind the Counter”

    Anthology Emily Dickinson’s

    Collected Poems “Wild Nights –Wild Nights”

    Movie or Documentary

    The Kellogg Brothers: Cornflake Kings

    “My Brother, My Boss”

    Album Thriller “Billie Jean”

    TV Show Family Guy “Save the Clam”

    Note that titles of works of art and ships also get italics: Records indicate that Blondel’s La Circassienene au Bain went down with the S.S. Titanic .

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