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6.4: Where can I find Credible Sources for my Paper?

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    • Katelyn Burton
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    The college library subscribes to databases (search engines) for credible, academic sources. Some are general purpose databases that include the most prominent journals in many disciplines, and some are specific to a particular discipline. Brown Library’s website ( includes a database list containing over one hundred search engines, organized by subject area.

    Sometimes the online database list is overwhelming for students. Please remember, you can always seek advice from librarians on the best databases for your topic. Librarians have also created InfoGuides (,which contain a list of databases and other credible resources for different programs and courses offered at VWCC. Your English 111 InfoGuide ( is the best place to start your research for this class. View the “Finding Articles” tab to see a list of databases that may work for your topic.

    Exercise 3

    From the list of databases in the English 111 InfoGuide (, choose at least two that you might want to search. Why did you choose those databases for your topic?

    When you click on a link and open up a database, you will see a search box or several search boxes. Try typing some of your keywords/search terms into the search box. If you don’t see the type or number of results you want, try some of your other alternate terms. The main point is to keep trying! Sometimes you need to change your search terms or try searching in a different database to find new or different results.


    If you can’t find the sources you need, visit the Reference Desk or set up an appointment for one-on-one help from a librarian. You can find the library’s hours and contact information on theBrown Library Homepage(

    Key Takeaways

    • Academic libraries subscribe to special search engines for scholarly sources called databases.
    • Librarians can help you find and use the best databases for your subject or topic.

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