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2.1: Outcome: Reading Strategies

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    Skills to Develop

    • Analyze rhetorical context of a text (purpose, author, audience)
    • Analyze previewing as a reading strategy
    • Analyze active reading as a reading strategy
    • Analyze summarizing as a reading strategy
    • Analyze reviewing as a reading strategy

    Analyze general reading strategies

    We know intuitively that reading is good for us, though sometimes it can feel like a chore–especially when it’s required for school. The following video emphasizes the benefits that reading can bring, by literally changing the way our brain works. While we won’t necessarily learn how to do Kung Fu just by studying a book, reading about an activity apparently makes the pathway towards acquiring that new skill much easier!

    Reading for education is a bit of a different activity than reading for pleasure. Effective reading for educational purposes doesn’t consist of just looking at a text once and then putting it away. Instead, successful reading in education is a series of interrelated activities that involve interacting with a text several times, in differing ways. The rest of this section walks through those activities, and how they will help you become a stronger student.

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