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14.4: Tips for Writing the Causal Analysis

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    Many times topics are really categories in which multiple issues are present. One popular example is immigration. However, immigration as a topic for an essay is too large, as books on immigration policy, history, cause and effect have been written.

    Consider what issues exist under the big umbrella of immigration? What other cause/effect relationships can you think of regarding immigration?

    • border security
    • children born in U.S to undocumented immigrants (often called “dreamers”)
    • uneven or outdated laws and classifications (economic, family, refugee, student, fiancé)

    Topic Ideas

    • Homelessness
    • Social media: causes of overuse; effects on relationships
    • Bullying/cyberbullying
    • Addiction(s)
    • College student stress
    • Rising college tuition

    Chapter Questions for Comprehension

    Answer the following prompts regarding the causal analysis essay referring to the previous information presented here. Be sure to use complete sentences.

    1. Explain the three mistakes students can make in writing the causal analysis essay.
    2. How might you need to analyze causes of a problem or situation in your lives outside of school? Provide two examples.
    3. What are the three organizational patterns used to organize cause?

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