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8.5: Exercise for Formatting Entries for a Works Cited page

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    Directions: Create a Works Cited page from the list of sources below.

    • Alphabetize entries;
    • Double space;
    • When an entry in longer than one line, be sure to indent subsequent lines of text;
    • Do not use bullets or numbers on your Works Cited page.

    You found the article, “Ethics and Marketing on the Internet: Practitioners Perceptions of Societal, Industry and Company Concerns.” It was written by Victoria Bush and originally published in Journal of Business Ethics. It can be found in volume 23, issue 3, was published in 2000. The article appears on pages 237-348.

    On page 36 of its July 23, 1999 issue, Time magazine published “The Power of Forgiveness.” Robert Catchem was the author. You found the article in Academic Search Premier.

    You decide to use Norman Zimmer’s “Forgiveness Sonnet Sequences.” It was found in the journal, PMLA, 1999 edition, volume 43, pages 202 through 295.

    American Life is a monthly magazine published in Atlanta. In volume 16, number 3 of that publication, which was published August 1999, Thomas Kelly’s article, “Barking Up the Wrong Tree,” appeared. It was printed on pages 188 through 193.

    You went to the library to check out the book, Walking, by Henry David Thoreau. You decide to use a quote from it. The book was published in 1922 by Pearce-Longman.

    Thomas Kelly also wrote a short article called, “A Critical Analysis of Dog Walking.” It appeared in the Journal of American Wolfhounds (volume 3, number 12). It was published in 2004 and was found on pages 578-625. You found it in the online database, Academic Search Premier.

    You are doing a report on the Challenger disaster. You find information on the web page, “Challenger STS 51-L” on the National Aeronautic and Space Administration web site. The web page was last updated on November 23, 2007.

    You decide to write your cause/effect paper on Bipolar Disorder. You find information on the National Institute of Mental Health (NIMH) web site. The title of the web page is “Bipolar Disorder.” There is no date on this web page, but the URL is

    Additional Resources: PVCC Databases and MLA Research Practicum (exercise) is available at the PVCC English Division website/PVCC English Resources:

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