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11.6: Citing sources

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    • Alexandra Glynn, Kelli Hallsten-Erickson & Amy Jo Swing
    • North Hennepin Community College & Lake Superior College

    The importance of citation 

    “Wait,” you may say, “Isn’t it common knowledge that writing is difficult, and there’s always room for improvement? Why would we have to cite this Olson guy if it’s common knowledge?” Good question. Here’s the answer: If you hadn’t thought about including this particular piece of information in your paper until you read Olson’s book, cite it. Again: when in doubt, cite.

    Work Cited

    (MLA) Olson, Gene. Sweet Agony. Windyridge Press, 1972.

    Reference (APA)

    Olson, G. (1972). Sweet agony. Grants Pass, OR: Windyridge Press.

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