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8.5: Phrasal Verbs

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    Phrasal Verbs

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    Prepositions often follow verbs to create expressions with distinct meanings. These expressions are sometimes called prepositional verbs or phrasal verbs. It is important to remember that these expressions cannot be separated.

    Table of Verbs + Prepositions

    Verb + Preposition Meaning Example

    agree with

    to agree with something or someone

    My husband always agrees with me.

    apologize for

    to express regret for something, to say sorry about something

    I apologize for being late.

    apply for

    to ask for something formally

    I will apply for that job.

    believe in

    to have a firm conviction in something; to believe in the existence of something

    I believe in educating the world's women.

    care about

    to think that someone or something is important

    I care about the health of our oceans.

    hear about

    to be told about something or someone

    I heard about the teachers' strike.

    look after

    to watch or to protect someone or something

    Will you look after my dog while I am on vacation?

    talk about

    to discuss something

    We will talk about the importance of recycling.

    speak to, with

    to talk to/with someone

    I will speak to his teacher tomorrow.

    wait for

    to await the arrival of someone or something

    I will wait for my package to arrive.

    PastedImage_aicnxbwdgvu1gv1lrehamby9kdhdkqe8001293088478.pngIt is a good idea to memorize these combinations of verbs plus prepositions. Write them down in a notebook along with the definition and practice using them when you speak.

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