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9.11: De Copia- Demonstration of the Variety of Language

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  • In De Copia, Erasmus re-writes the same sentence over and over to demonstrate the variety of language.

    You will be assigned a sentence to re-write 25–30 times.

    Here is one example:

    30 variations of “A loud sound awakes me in the night”

    1. In the bewitching hour, a resonant buzz raises me out of my crib.
    2. A noisy growl returns me to my consciousness in the dead of night.
    3. After dark, I am wide-awake because of a powerful bang.
    4. I can no longer sleep due to the harsh noise in darkness of the day
    5. I rise out of bed because of a deafening noise in the nighttime.
    6. At the time when the moon is out high and bright, I become conscious due to a resonant sound.
    7. A crazy roaring awake me at the darkness of the day.
    8. In the night, a blaring sound wakes me up.
    9. The god of sleep has abandoned me when a loud noise strikes out in the night.
    10. In the dark hours, a big wave of sound had me awakened.
    11. I am awakened by the vociferous noise after dark.
    12. I am forced to end my body resting process at bedtime due to a powerful boom after dark.
    13. An extremely harsh buzz forces me out of my dream at the bewitching hour.
    14. I am left alone by the god of dream and nightmare when a noisy sound bothers my ears.
    15. In the night, a loud sound wakes me up.
    16. After dark, I rise out of my crib because of an annoying wailing.
    17. I wake up because of a heavy bang in the dark hours.
    18. I become conscious due to a resonant sound in the dark time of the day.
    19. After dark, an intense buzz forces me out of my body resting process.
    20. I am awakened by the thundering sound when the sun had rested long time ago.
    21. A powerful boom makes me rise out of my sleepiness in the pitch black.
    22. A heavy cry awakes me in the dead of night.
    23. A deafening noise in the nighttime has me rise out of bed.
    24. An unpleasant sound has awakened me after dark.
    25. At a bewitching hour, a blaring noise wakes me up.
    26. My dream ends abruptly because of a noisy growl in the pitch-black time of the day.
    27. In the night, I come to my conscious due to the blaring noise.
    28. When the moon shines bright and high, I am forced out of my dream because of a thundering sound.
    29. My sleep is ended when I hear a loud noise after dark.
    30. In the night, a resonant howl awakes me.
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