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7.8: Geography and ‘The’

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  • With geographic nouns, sometimes you use ‘the’ and sometimes you don’t. Confusing, right? No longer:


    Single Mountains or Islands

    Example \(\PageIndex{1}\):
    • Mount Hood
    • Madagascar

    Most Countries and Continents

    Example \(\PageIndex{2}\):
    • France
    • Algeria
    • North Korea
    • Australia
    • Antarctica

    Streets, Squares, and Parks

    Example \(\PageIndex{3}\):
    • Linden Street
    • Madison Square
    • Yosemite National Park

    Bays, Single Lakes

    Example \(\PageIndex{4}\):
    • Honolulu Bay
    • Lake Michigan

    Cities, States, and Counties

    Example \(\PageIndex{5}\):
    • Reno
    • Florida
    • Howard County

    USE ‘THE’

    Groups of Islands

    Example \(\PageIndex{6}\):

    the British Isles

    Canals and Rivers

    Example \(\PageIndex{7}\):
    • the Suez Canal
    • the Mississippi


    Example \(\PageIndex{8}\):
    • the Arabian Peninsula
    • the Iberian Peninsula

    Country Names with of phrase

    Example \(\PageIndex{9}\):
    • the Democratic Republic of Congo
    • the Republic of South Korea

    Mountain Ranges

    Example \(\PageIndex{10}\):
    • the Cascades
    • the Andes

    Oceans, Seas, and Gulfs

    Example \(\PageIndex{11}\):
    • the Atlantic Ocean
    • the Mediterranean Sea
    • the Gulf of Mexico

    Large Regions and Deserts

    Example \(\PageIndex{12}\):
    • the West Coast
    • the Gobi
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