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7.7: Non-count Nouns

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  • Use the if a reader could identify the noun specifically.

    Example \(\PageIndex{1}\):

    • Please turn off the lights. We’re not going to the museum tomorrow. (Count)
    • The food throughout Korea is excellent (Non-count)

    Use a/an if the noun refers to a single item that is not specific. Never use a/an with plural or non-count nouns.

    Example \(\PageIndex{2}\):

    Bring an eraser to class. You’ll be using a pencil to write an essay today. (Count)

    Use a quantifier such as enough, many, some, etc. if the noun represents and unspecified amount and that amount is more than one but not all.

    Example \(\PageIndex{3}\):

    • Amanda showed us some souvenirs of her trip to New Orleans. Many birds go there in the summer. (Count)
    • We didn’t get enough snow this winter.

    Use no article if the noun represents all items in a category or the category in general.

    Example \(\PageIndex{4}\):

    • Teachers can attend the game for free. Actors must report backstage by 5:00 p.m. (Count)
    • Gold is a natural resource.
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