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6: English Language Learners

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  • Games

    • English Monstruo - English Monstruo is a free app (iPad and Android versions available) containing eight games designed to help students practice. It focuses on several common mistakes.
    • Vocabulary Games Online - English vocabulary games for kids and ESL students: Hangman, Memory matching games, Drag & Drop games, Hidden object games and more.

    Articles and Prepositions


    • Common Errors in English Usage
    • Purdue Writing Lab (ESL)
    • Using English: A handy reference guide to major parts of speech and their usage, with bonus material for ESL instructors.
    • BBC Learning English: This resource from the British channel offers all kinds of lessons and tips for learning English, including pronunciation, vocab, and grammar lessons.
    • 20-Minute ESL Lessons: These audio lessons cover basic vocabulary for a variety of everyday situations, including office life.
    • ESL Resource Center: This site was created for ESL teachers, so plenty of worksheets, tips, and lessons are available and work well even for those teaching themselves or trying to get ahead.
    • Business English Lessons: There are dozens of key phrases on this site complete with audio clips to help ESL students practice clear pronunciation.


    • Articles - Handout from the Utah Valley University Writing Center
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