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10.5: Tips for Writing the Comparison

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  • One common mistake students make in writing the comparison is providing analysis. Students present the similarities and differences but forget to explain, analyze, and signify the points presented.

    Another common mistake is omitting qualifying transitions, especially when using the block format method. Specific to comparison are the following:

    • Similarities: similarly, similar to, like, in addition, also, likewise, at the same time, moreover
    • Differences: different, opposite of, unlike, however, on the contrary, nevertheless, but, yet

    Finally, students often try to compare items that are really too large to have unique characteristics. For example, you can’t compare two countries, but you can compare two countries’ healthcare systems.

    Topic Ideas

    • Consumer products
    • Restaurants
    • Sports icons
    • Musicians or bands
    • Cars or vehicles
    • Candidates for government office
    • Colleges or universities
    • Careers
    • Types of drivers
    • Parenting styles
    • Characters in movies or books
    • Theme parks

    Chapter Questions for Comprehension

    Answer the following regarding the comparison essay referring to the previous information presented here. Be sure to use complete sentences.

    1. Briefly describe the two types of organization that may be used in a comparison essay.
    2. What one new strategy or insight did you gain by reading the overview?
    3. How might you use comparison in your daily life, either personally or professionally? Provide an example.
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