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Text description of the Canvas Commons search screenshot

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    A screenshot of a portion of the How Arguments Work Canvas Commons listing. Navigation buttons along the left read "City College of San Francisco," "Account," "Dashboard," "Courses," "Groups," "Calendar," "Inbox," "History," and "Commons." Navigation links along the top of the image read "Commons," "Search," "Shared," and "Imported." A prominent search box includes the keywords "how arguments work." "20 results" appears under the search box. Below that is an outlined rectangle with a "course" icon and the silhouettes of a dozen figures with speech bubbles of different colors connected to them. Under the figures we see the word "Course" and the title "How Arguments Work: A Guide to Writing and." Below that, we see "10 - Graduate," "Anna Mills," a download icon with the number 41 next to it, and a star icon with the number 18 next to it.

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