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10.3: Reviewing an Argument Analysis Essay

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    Whether you are revising your own draft or reviewing a classmate's draft, you can start by asking yourself the following questions:

    • Is the thesis clear, specific, and focused? Does it tell us what is important or interesting about the argument’s attempt to convince us and/or give a central reason for its success or failure?

    • Does the essay articulate the main claims, reasons, and any important assumptions of the argument, whether implicit or explicit?

    • Does the essay convincingly identify at least two key important strategies the argument uses to establish credibility and trust or affect the reader’s emotions?

    • Does the essay assess the effectiveness of the strategies and identify any potential pitfalls or ways in which the strategies could backfire?

    • Does each body paragraph have sufficient quotations or paraphrases of specific examples?

    • Does it introduce quotations and paraphrases signal phrases that accurately show us the argument’s purpose?

    • Does the conclusion offer a final evaluation of the argument and its significance, value, or implications?

    • Does the essay clearly show how one paragraph connects to the next and back to the thesis?