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3.10: Conclusion

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    • What do I see as a need for some local entity?
    • Why is it important that this change?
    • Why else is it important?
    • Why is it important to be implemented in the way I (we) propose?
    • What is the outcome (result) of implementing this proposal?

    Example \(\PageIndex{1}\): Draft


    I believe that Newman needs a writing proficiency requirement for graduation. A writing proficiency requirement is important because, in simple terms, we want to graduate students who are not only literate in academic writing skills but are well prepared for writing in the workplace. Establishing a proficiency is also very important because it forces the university to articulate what academic writing skills are important for all students to master before they graduate. Once skills are identified, all writing activities may be oriented toward these skills. It is also important because these same skills may be measured. However, because writing proficiency is extremely difficult to measure in a test, other activities that prove proficiency must be implemented. This gives students options outside of testing to prove they have mastered academic writing. Having proficiency outlined as a series of demonstrable skill also allows their mastery to be accelerated; they may be learned starting the first day a student attends the university. This requirement is important also because that fear that a majority of students seem to have for college writing is allayed to some degree because they know in advance what they have to learn, as well as what opportunities they have to show mastery, and that they have a number of chances to show it before they graduate.

    3.10: Conclusion is shared under a CC BY-NC-SA 4.0 license and was authored, remixed, and/or curated by Stephen V. Poulter.

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