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4.2: Troll Diorama

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    IMG_2652-e1495207711672.jpg Troll Diorama
    Oljanna Cunneen, 1982
    Fabric, copper wire, polymer clay, wood, fur, other on hand materials
    Gift of Richard & Mary Wells
    MHAHS 2015.063.0002

    Echoing her community-minded and outgoing personality, Cunneen frequently made dolls inspired by friends and community members. This couple depicts Cunnen’s friends who enjoyed working outdoors on their property. The couple also owned the electrical company from which she acquired her copper wire. Note the evolution of her trolls: the softer facial features and the playfulness evident in the diorama reflect the enjoyment she had making and presenting these characters.


    Oljanna Cunneen posing with two of her creations in 1987. MHAHS 8×10.00412.

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    This page titled 4.2: Troll Diorama is shared under a CC BY license and was authored, remixed, and/or curated by Ann Smart Martin (University of Wisconsin Pressbooks) .

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