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3.18: Decorative Plate

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    IMG_2502.jpg Decorative Plate
    Maker, Earl Edseth; decorated by Olga Edseth, c.1946
    Wood (recycled fruit crate end), paint
    Gift of Olga Edseth
    MHAHS 1983.048.0001

    This piece was Olga Edseth’s first venture into Norwegian folk painting, an interest deeply rooted in the traditions of her Norwegian immigrant mother and grandparents. Edseth’s husband Earl turned this plate on a wood lathe from the end of an orange crate. Edseth then rosemaled the surface, drawing inspiration from a design on a postcard her mother acquired on a trip to Oslo, Norway. Edseth attained notoriety over her sixty years of rosemaling by applying self-taught painting talents throughout the Mount Horeb area. The Sons of Norway later presented Edseth with an International Heritage Award.

    This page titled 3.18: Decorative Plate is shared under a CC BY license and was authored, remixed, and/or curated by Ann Smart Martin (University of Wisconsin Pressbooks) .

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