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3.17: Painting on Masonite

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    Painting on Masonite Painting on Masonite
    Oljanna Cunneen, 1969
    Masonite, paint
    Little Norway Collection, Gift of Scott & Jennifer Winner
    MHAHS 2015.021.0008

    Mount Horeb knew Oljanna Cunneen for her rosemaling and trolls. Created for her private display, this piece unites these trademarks from her artistic repertoire. The large, brightly rosemaled pattern frames a snowcapped scene as a troll couple sits beside a small fire. Although surrounded by the cold, the scene evokes inviting warmth as a teapot is lovingly heated. Cunneen painted her signature on the woman’s skirt beside the tankard and oranges. After her passing in 1988, Cunneen’s family donated this piece in her memory to Little Norway where she served as a guide and entertained countless visitors.


    Oljanna Cunneen poses with her troll sign, 1987. MHAHS 8×10.00501.

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